Sunday, June 19, 2011

Why Men Prefer To Be Silent?

Actually, even if you prefer to remain silent in many situations and looking good, the action you do actually disliked by your girlfriend because they like you to tell the truth in all things. In fact, they feel more depressed when you remain silent in the event of any dispute.

If this condition occurs, women should realize that men are choosing silence for some reason. At that time, men may be difficult to reflect the fact to you beloved. Although these men know honesty is the most valuable gift, but for the good sake, he chose silence prior frankly that may hurt you. All you have to do here is not force him to speak out and frankly, because it may cause anger and can lead to misunderstandings.

Men also mendacious (depends to the situations) of his girlfriend from having to disclose the truth because usually when they state the truth, his girlfriend is difficult to accept that fact. Even if they choose to remain silent, this doesn't mean they are afraid of women, but it was to avoid quarrels and depressed. Since, women are usually more emotional in dealing with some things.

In this aspect, many men feel that there is no point in arguing with a girlfriend because it is not the best way, but eventually the men also had to persuade. So to avoid an argument or to avoid protracted arguments better he chose to be silent.

Therefore, if your boyfriend act like that, you should not think he's stubborn or simply did not treat you the hassle. This is because he intends to save your relationship. You should also be silent and think deeply what is the cause of the dispute. However, you can guess what was in him even though he kept silent. How? It's simple, you just have to see what his actions after that. Because by looking at what they do is indirectly allow you to anticipate what he want actually.

But remember!!! Please do not push him to confess everything. It wasn't a good choice.. Because if they're pressed, they will continue to remain silent and if they gave an answer already, the answer is not accurate or not honest ....

In fact, the psychologist admitted that the best way to know a man was by observed his behavior. This doesn't mean that men cannot be trusted, but instead, they are more reliable than women. But in cases to save a relationship, men choose to remain silent.

"So, please don't blame us"- Kay LengzhaiHahaha ;-)