Saturday, December 11, 2010


This is something not easy to described, but I really want to make sure I'm happy with it. You know, my life is kinda far to go through. There were a lot of moment I like and dislike. It was already past, and I always hope that I'll never remember it although once. But, I can't. This life is suck. I'm sitting on my chair, then my chair is breaking down. How easy is that happen to me. I'm not saying it just for futile. I meant it totally. My chair doesn't broken, truly. The only thing I want to describe here is about something that I stand on it, but goes away. Actually, I really can't live without it. When everyone around me keep asking me to stop, I can't. It save my life. They don't know anything. I always wondering they would try to dreaming when they're on my place. Full of calm-less when I thought again about it. I never hate my life till now just because of it. Ya! My life very hard starts when I open my eyes to see this world. I'm not looking for something physically answered, but I looked at something more than it. When I found the answer, actually I never done with it. I try to find another things for sure. This life always want me to think outside a normal people could thought. However, I never give up with my life, try to take a short rest although my life actually fullfilled with a lot of agenda that I need to do. I proud, I still can sat without my chair because this earth actually my chair that I need to sit on, actually. I'm a person that dislike to complaining about my own life. The time to fear something is the time to ensure I still on this earth and it still spinning like as usual. This life always hard. I remember a quotes that I found on a facebook "No people will die a virgin, Life fuck us!", damn nice quotes! Haha. I don't know what spirit pulls me to write this fucking post in my blog. I never like this post totally. The one I want to tell is 'It' save my life since I'm ten years old. I success in my life because of it, accidentally. I love it, I like it although I never glad with it. It was only a little thing that was easily broken, quite dirty, smelly, huh! But, I still love it because It save my life. Sorry for all. This is my fate. I'm sorry.
This post actually has been saved in my draf for about a month. If anyone read it, I actually don't want you to read this. Because if you know what "It" that I mean, you'll regret! And please don't ask me about it.